Tryout Schedule

Before you can try out, you MUST turn in your paperwork and get cleared.  The deadline for registration is Thursday August 16th.  The Athletics Office opens at 8:30am that day and closes early.  Don’t wait until Thursday to turn in your paperwork.

Monday, August 20th 

First Group:  Returning Varsity and JV and Sr./Jr. athletes who didn’t play for Skyline last year should arrive at Skyline Stadium around 8:30 to sign in and get a tryout jersey.  Tryout starts at 9 and goes until 11am.  The best players in this group will be asked to return at 3pm.

Second Group: All other players who played for Skyline last year and any athletes new to our program (incoming Freshmen and new Sophomores) should show up at 11am to get a tryout jersey.  The tryout will run from 11:30 – 1:30.  A select few of the best players in this group may be invited to return at 3pm.

Third Group: Players who have been asked to return will tryout from 3:00-5:30pm

For all groups, players will be informed about when their next session will be prior to leaving the field.

Tuesday, August 21st  Both sessions are likely in the Stadium.  Players should arrive 30 minutes prior to start times to warm up and check in.

The Varsity Pool will try out from 10:00 – Noon.  This will be fewer than 40 players.  There is NO guarantee that players will make one of our three teams if they are in this pool; the coaches have merely determined that these players need a closer look after day 1.

The JV Pool will try out from noon to 2pm.

Wednesday, August 22nd:  Both sessions are likely in the Stadium.  Players should arrive 30 minutes prior to start times to warm up and check in.

The Varsity Pool will try out from 10:00 – Noon.

The JV Pool will try out from noon to 2pm.

We will not know if cuts are necessary until all players submit registration paperwork.  The rosters of all three teams will be posted Wednesday evening by 4pm.

All players will train on Thursday.  Times to be announced.   Varsity and JV trainings will likely be between 10am and 1pm.  JVC to be determined.

Varsity and JV will train on Friday and Saturday.  Times likely between 10am-1pm.

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Summer Workouts and Kick Arounds

Ladies –

I hope your 4th of July is going well and you’re getting fired up for High School Soccer.  Can you believe we have only 7 weeks until tryouts?  In the meantime, I hope you’re having fun, staying fit, and getting lots of touches on the ball.

Here are two ways that Skyline Spartan Soccer players are getting their work in over the summer:  Senior led Kick-arounds and Fitness workouts

Kick Arounds are led by seniors who are willing to commit to organizing and running sessions to meet new players, to have fun, and to play.  Though these are not formal coach-led practices, they are a great way to stay fit, have fun, and to learn how your future high-school teammates play.  The dates are mostly on Mondays. The schedule is a bit flexible (roughly from 9:30-10:30) with the dates being:

July 10th (a Tuesday), July 16th, July 23rd, July 30th, August 6th, and August 13th.

Stay in the loop for kick arounds:

  • Enter this number –     81010
  • And text the message – @ed73eh and you will receive updates and reminders this summer

Fitness Workouts – led by assistant coach Savannah Gunning

Have you seen our amazing new weight room?  We are already fired up to get started using the new equipment and get leaner, quicker, and faster.

The summer fitness workouts will focus on the following:

  • Flexibility
  • Strengthening of large muscle groups (hamstrings, quads, upper body and core)
  • Speed and Agility

We will also learn how to lift with correct form and focus on technique rather than the amount of weight that is being moved.

Workouts will be held Wednesdays after the 4th of July at the following times:

  • 7/11     10:30-12
  • 7/18     10:30-12
  • 7/25     10:30-12
  • 8/1       10:30-12
  • 8/8       10:30-12
  • 8/15     10:30-12

Please click here to sign up and donate $50 to cover the cost of the six sessions.  Your donations help us pay coach Gunning for her time.   Follow the link, click donate, then select Skyline and Girls’ Soccer Fundraiser below to sign up.  Thanks for helping us run this great summer program.

Screen Shot 2018-06-29 at 10.28.27 AM.png

Once you’ve signed up, fill out and bring the following paperwork to the first session. IF you competed in a Skyline sport (any season, not just fall soccer) during 2017-2018, you do NOT need to fill out any additional paperwork.  Once you’ve donated, you’re on the list.  If you are an incoming freshman, or if you did not play a Skyline sport in any season during 2017-2018, then you will need to print, sign, and bring the forms below in order to participate in summer workouts. If you do not have these Forms on the first day you will not be allowed to participate.


  1. Physical Form
  2. Open Gym and Summer Practice Risk & Permission Form
  3. Concussion Information Form
  4. Informed Consent Forms



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Pre-Season Information Meeting 2018

Skyline Women’s Soccer 2018

Pre-Season Information Meeting

May 31st 2018

Make sure you have signed up on the e-mail list  –

– Online Registration starts on August 1st

Get your Skyline Player Eligibility packet on August 9th  – they’re open 8:30 am to noon they will accept your forms as late as August 16th   . . . but NOT on August 17th!

  • the packets for fall registration should be available on line on August 1st.


***To be eligible for first practice game, you must have participated in 10 Practices.  Plan your schedule now so you will be able to make each training to be eligible.***


Please clear your schedules the week of Monday, August 20th for Tryouts

Bring water, sunblock, and guards in addition to soccer gear.

Please refrain from wearing club, tournament, or EPD affiliated clothing or uniforms

Tryout times will be announced by August on the blog.   We will not know the times until we can be certain of the teacher required hours during that week.  We will work around the hours teachers are required to be in meetings.  Please block out the whole day for Monday, August 20th through Wednesday August 22nd.

We will run three shifts on the first day:

  • Returning Varsity, JV & upper classmen who did not play for SHS last season
  • All C Team players and incoming Freshman
  • “A” Pool Players (determined from both morning tryouts)

Tryouts will likely last 3 days (any cuts posted daily on the blog).  Team rosters will be posted there as well.


Other Fall Dates:

Varsity will have 2-a-day trainings after team is selected, so block out the entire day August 23 & 24

August 27h – Junior Spartan Camp for future Spartans (run by Varsity Players) 11am-1pm

WE WILL have VARSITY commitments on Labor Day Weekend

We will train on Friday, August 31st

We will attempt to schedule a game on Saturday, September 1st

Monday, September 3rd  – Labor Day at home vs. Strongsville, Ohio

Wednesday, September 5th First League Game at home vs. North Creek

Saturday, September 8th  –vs. Mercer Island – See our full schedule on the website


Here’s how to get ready for the season: 

Stay in the loop:

  • Enter this number –     81010
  • And text the message – @ed73eh and you will receive updates and reminders this summer

Get fit: – Here are the Key Performance Measures:

  • Mile Run: Varsity Standard – sub 7 minutes             150 Yard Timed Shuttle Run – 6 x 25 yards
  • Maximum number of sit-ups in 1 minute (not crunches – arms across shoulders; elbows to knees)
  • Maximum number of pushups in a row (knees off the ground)


Get to open fields on Mondays: Attend Open Fields 10-12:00 run by returning players so you can have fun while learning how to play with your future teammates.  Most will be in the stadium.

Get to weight room sessions on Wednesdays: Pay up front to attend sessions run by Savannah Gunning so you can have fun while using our new weight room facility.  Cost will likely be $50 for six sessions.  Sessions will be once a week for six weeks starting after the 4th of July.


Questions? Send an email to get on our email distribution list at  Look for updates on the Skyline Women’s Soccer blog.  Follow it at You can also email Head Coach Don Braman until June .


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2018 Women’s Soccer Preseason Meeting

Players, please plan to come to an informational meeting for all 2018 players to be held on Thursday, May 31st at Skyline High School to talk about summer workout schedules and preparations for our Fall season.  The meeting will be from 3:55-4:30 and likely be held in room 2402.

Incoming Freshmen student-athletes are welcome to (but not expected to) attend.  We will be publishing both the agenda from the meeting and any updates on this blog throughout the summer for all who cannot make the meeting.

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2017 Parent Night Agenda

The Team Store is up and running.  It closes Thursday evening.  

Skyline Women’s Soccer – 2017 Parent Meeting

6:30 – Meet the AD

7:00 – Women’s Soccer Parent Night in room 2412/2414

Welcome and introductions

Here are some important dates for the program:

Intersquad: Thursday, August 31 @ 7:00 in Stadium
Varsity must be there at 5:00 for uniform check out

First Varsity and JV Games at Pop Keeney, on September 5th 

Team Pictures will happen on the evening of a home game.  The date will be determined.  Information on Picture Ordering to follow.

Spirit Packs and SWAG: For ordering “spirit packs” for Skyline Women’s Soccer, go to the team store here. Each player will need a pair of green socks and a pair of white socks (last year’s will work).  We would like to have players wearing Skyline gear at practice – we encourage you to buy two t-shirts to make that simple.  In addition, please encourage all of the fans in your family to buy gear.  In addition, please support our “Pink Out” games – 3 home games in October.

Student eligibility requirements: First grade check is with the grading period ending September 30. Please work with your student to ensure that their grades stay high throughout the first month – this is when the most surprises happen.

  • GPA 2.0
  • Passing all 6 classes
  • Players are eligible after Ten Practices
  • Players must attend all 6 classes the Day Of Game [You can’t sleep in and then play!]

General Player Expectations: Players should anticipate any problems & find solutions
Academics come first
Be present and productive at practice
Exemplary conduct at school and school events
Positive attitude and work ethic

If your daughter has conflicts or concerns:
Help her be proactive – ask yourself:  How can my daughter handle this? How can she start the communication? Can she send an email and cc’ us as well (so we can guide her through it?)

Role of parents at games:
Be supportive, be positive
Encourage the team
If your daughter is injured at a game, speak w/coach before you leave the game


All JV/Varsity ride to game
Often a 4:00-4:45pm departure
Varsity will ride back together
No Varsity bus to Issaquah or Eastlake

Please help support our program by volunteering:
• Help at the concession stand
• Help to plan the banquet
• Organize pasta feeds [V/JV]
• Be a parent/coach liaison
• Help with team-specific needs

  • Varsity:
    o Coordinating game film
    o Organize the bus food
    o Schedule the pasta feeds
    o Coordinate Senior Night
    o Be the announcer at home games
    o Recording the Stats during games
    o Reporting scores/stats to the press

Please support our program by donating:  We are asking each family to join the Skyline Booster Club c/o Skyline Women’s Soccer.   Click here to join.

Please support our program by fundraising:

  • We are asking each family to fundraise by selling Brown Bear Car Wash tickets.
  • Your daughter will be given a packet of tickets.  You can have her sell them on her own, or she may join her teammates at a scheduled time at the Pine Lake QFC.
  • Please sell all of your tickets and return the money promptly.

Where does the money go?

With the help of boosters we hope to ensure the highest quality of play and success of the program.  Each team benefits.  We are using fundraised money to pay an additional coaching stipend.  We have guaranteed summer fitness and strengh-building sessions for the girls.  Last year we provided new backpacks for all players. This year we will have new jerseys for JV and Varsity

Our goal is:
To ensure the health and safety of players
To protect and maintain equipment
To provide for equipment needs of players, coaches

Booster funds will help us pay for our needs:
• We need new tryout Jerseys
• Storage equipment in the new stadium
• A Stipend for our Varsity Assistant Coach
• Practice equipment
• We need three new Game Balls

Breakout: Signups for Team/Booster Responsibilities
Dismiss from sessions

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Spartan Recognition

Great to see Spartan Soccer players getting recognition.  Senior Marissa Carpenter has been recognized by USATODAY as One To Watch in their preseason All-American feature. She was also honored by the Director of the High School All-American Game as one to watch this year.  She is in the running to be invited to that game on December 2nd in Orlando Florida.  Congrats Marissa!


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Practice times for JVC

Just to be clear, the JVC squad will have today off, but will practice from 4-6pm at Skyline on Friday, August 25th, Monday, August 28th, and Tuesday, August 29th.  Tuesday evening, at Parent Night, game and practice schedules will be shared with all.  Parent night starts at 6:30 on Tuesday, August 29th.

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