2018 Parent Night Agenda

The Team Store is up and running.  It closes soon!  

Welcome and introductions

Here are some important dates for the program:

Inter squad: Thursday, August 30 @ 7:00 in Stadium
Varsity must be there at 5:00 for uniform check out

First Varsity and JV Games at Pop Keeney, on September 5th 

Team Pictures will happen on the evening of a home game.  The date will be determined.  Information on Picture Ordering to follow.

Spirit Packs and SWAG: For ordering “spirit packs” for Skyline Women’s Soccer, go to the team store here. Each player will need a pair of green socks and a pair of white socks (last year’s will work).  We would like to have players wearing Skyline gear at practice – we encourage you to buy two t-shirts to make that simple.  In addition, please encourage all of the fans in your family to buy gear.  In addition, please support our “Pink Out” games – we can wear pink for our home games in October.

IF your daughter needs a locker to store her soccer gear, here are the instructions…

For athletes that needs a sports lock, the PE teachers hand these out on Tuesday, Sept 4th. Even if a student has PE 1st semester, it’s easiest to have a sport locker. The PE teachers will be available in the locker room from 12-3 (or upon request at another time) on the 4th.

Student eligibility requirements: First grade check is with the grading period ending near the end of September. Please work with your student to ensure that their grades stay high throughout the first month – this is when the most surprises happen.

  • GPA 2.0
  • Passing all 6 classes
  • Players are eligible after Ten Practices
  • Players must attend all 6 classes the Day Of Game [You can’t sleep in and then play!]

General Player Expectations: Players should anticipate any problems & bring solutions
Academics come first
Be present and productive at practice
Exemplary conduct at school and school events
Positive attitude and work ethic

If your daughter has conflicts or concerns:
Help her be proactive – ask yourself:  How can my daughter handle this? How can she start the communication? Can she send an email and cc’ us as well (so we can guide her through it?)

Role of parents at games:
Be supportive, be positive
Encourage the team
If your daughter is injured at a game, speak w/coach before you leave the game


All JV/Varsity ride to game
Often a 3:30-4:00pm departure
Varsity will ride back together
No Varsity bus to Redmond, Issaquah or Eastlake

Please help support our program by volunteering:
• Help at the concession stand
• Help to plan the banquet
• Organize pasta feeds [V/JV]
• Be a parent/coach liaison
• Help with team-specific needs

  • Varsity:
    o Coordinating game film
    o Organize the bus food
    o Schedule the pasta feeds
    o Coordinate Senior Night
    o Be the announcer at home games
    o Recording the Stats during games
    o Reporting scores/stats to the press

Please support our program by donating:  We are asking each family to join the Skyline Booster Club c/o Skyline Women’s Soccer.   Click here to join.  You can also choose to donate directly to Skyline ASB and direct the funds to the Girls’ Soccer Program.  Link here and then select girls’ Soccer.

Please support our program by fundraising:

  • We are asking each family to fundraise by selling Brown Bear Car Wash tickets.
  • Your daughter will be given a packet of tickets.  You can have her sell them on her own, or she may join her teammates at a scheduled time at the Pine Lake QFC.
  • Please sell all of your tickets and return the money promptly.

Where does the money go?

With the help of boosters we hope to ensure the highest quality of play and success of the program.  Each team benefits.  We are using fundraised money to pay an additional coaching stipend.  We have guaranteed summer fitness and strengh-building sessions for the girls.  Last year we provided new backpacks for all players. This year we will have newish jerseys for all teams.  All Players in our program will wear the same uniforms.

Our goal is:
To ensure the health and safety of players
To protect and maintain equipment
To provide for equipment needs of the program

Booster funds will help us pay for our needs:
We need new tryout Jerseys  (purchased 2017)
Storage equipment in the new stadium (purchased 2017)
• A Stipend for our Varsity Assistant Coach
Practice equipment (purchased 2017)
• We need three new Game Balls

Breakout: Signups for Team/Booster Responsibilities
Dismiss from sessions


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2018 Varsity Roster

Congratulations to the following players who have made the 2018 initial varsity roster.  Players on this list should arrive tomorrow at 8:45 for a 9am training.

  1. Nicole Allison
  2. Lucy Artman
  3. Alyx Barlament
  4. Maddie Butz
  5. Ellie Cowin
  6. Olivia Doces
  7. Bella Calvert Lee
  8. Grace Fletcher
  9. Cailin Fodness
  10. Alison Kremer
  11. Malia Kuhl
  12. Emma Morgan
  13. Natalie Okamoto
  14. Kirsten Peatross
  15. Katelyn Reilly
  16. Daniella Roni
  17. Allison Schnebele
  18. Saskia Slater
  19. Brooke Mayes
  20. Taylor Beckmeyer
  21. Han-ah Lee     Manager

Congrats to the players listed below who have made the initial JV roster.  All JV players should arrive at 9:45 tomorrow for training 10-noon.

JV Team

1. Abigail Artman
2. Elliette Haigh
3. Julia Hild
4. Jane Huber
5. Katelyn Jancola
6. Ania Larsen
7. Ashlyn Levin
8. Elizabeth Lindley
9. Stefania Marinescu
10. Alexa Mikus
11. Jada Morrison
12. Sophia Murphy
13. Kaitlyn Romanowicz
14. Isabella Schei
15. Natalie Strazis
16. Elisabeth Vaughn

Congrats to the players below who have made the initial JVC roster.  All JVC players should arrive at 9:45 tomorrow for a 10-12 training session.

JVC Team

1. Lyndsey Amans
2. Trisha Barua
3. Grace Bourgoin
4. Julia Butler
5. Sanya Cheeti
6. Mariam Desouky
7. Emily Froman
8. Katarina Grueneis
9. Olivia Johnsrud
10. Elizabeth Keizur
11. Alyssah Kim
12. Ellen Lee
13. Aashna Patil
14. Nazneen Poonawala
15. Josie Riskin
16. Courtney Smith
17. Eva Voigt

Players on each team should expect to have a meeting with their coach before the first game regarding their placement, strengths as a player, and opportunities for improvement.  Please speak with your coach tomorrow if you’d like to set up that meeting sooner rather than later.

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Friday Tryouts

As earlier published, there will be two sessions tomorrow:

  1. 9:30 arrival; 10-12 tryout session older players
  2. 11:30 arrival; 12-2 tryout session younger players

We will likely be able to post rosters by 4pm on Friday after the sessions.

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Homework for athletes

Homework for those trying out included two steps:

  1. Have you completed step one?
  2. Here is the link to the survey for step two.

These two tasks are for STUDENT-ATHLETES to complete (not for well-meaning parents just helping out their daughters).  Please feel free to forward the link to your daughter.  Please finish before 10pm so I can read them tonight.

Hopefully the weather will cooperate tomorrow morning and we will be in the stadium… Either way, we will see ALL players at 10:30 for sign-in.

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Details and dates for preseason 2018

We will continue to be indoors as the weather dictates.   PLEASE check in with your daughter to see how she is faring in the smoke.  IF she uses an inhaler, please make sure it is current and that she is bringing it to practice.  And please have her speak with us before training if she is having any difficulty with the smoke.  Safety comes first.

Each morning, the district will decide if we can be outdoors.  They will not let us practice if it is not safe.  If you want to know first, the best place to check is the district website.  Click here for the link.  In addition, I will send out information via remind.  This is the same system we’ve used all summer.  If you’ve missed the memo, here’s how to get the remind straight to your phone.

  • Enter this number –     81010
  • And text the message – @ed73eh and you will receive smoke updates

Here is the overview of our plan regarding tryoutsThis plan replaces what was published before the smokeout.

  1. Until further notice, daily sessions for all players will be (regardless of inside/outside):
    1. Arrive at 10:30, sign in and get your assigned number tryout jersey
    2. Warmup together at 10:45
    3. Begin session at 11:00; session will end after 1:00.
  2. We are going to follow the district weather guidelines and keep the kids indoors when it is not safe.  We will continue to do our best to have meaningful workouts indoors while the air is unsafe.  Players should continue to bring workout/running shoes as well as ALL of their soccer gear each day.  AFTER the air has improved and they allow us on the fields…
  3. On the first FIELD day, we will have a tryout with all players on the field at once.  We will stay with the same times: 10:30 arrival, session runs 11:00-1:00.  The number of players will be chaotic, but we will manage.  During this tryout, we will evaluate who is deserving of another look based on that day’s performance and the myriad fitness data from the indoor sessions.  The top beep test numbers were above 30.  Fit varsity players should have completed at least 25 rounds.
  4. Players who have demonstrated they are fit and in the top half of the group will be invited back to a second session that day from 3:00-5:00.  Do your best to work around conflicts; players should communicate to coaches anything unsolvable.  We will make do.
  5. On the second outdoor FIELD day, we will run two staggered sessions:  The older group will run from 10-12; the younger group from 12-2.
  6. We may use a third day of tryouts (or not).  If we do, it will be the same times and groupings: 10-12 & 12-2.  If not, we will announce the times to players and on this site.
  7. Once teams are selected, rosters will be posted on this website.  Weather will dictate this date, but we will have at least two days of field tryouts before we select.

A few final notes.  Yes, the smoke is messing with our tryout schedule.  What will not change is our game schedule.  We will still play Eisenhower on Saturday, September 1.  If we can’t get to the field until Thursday, we will have lost nearly 40% of our practice time before our first game.  We will, most likely, have only five practices and one inter-squad  before then.  We need to get going.

With that in mind, we will do the best we can to place players on the most appropriate team, but we may need to shift players after rosters are initially published.  This is normal in our program (unlike with club teams).  It is very normal movement to happen after the tryout.  Often players ‘guest play’ within our program and it is also normal for a select few players to move to another roster.  Please know that we may move players after the initial rosters are set.  It may be inconvenient, but it works out in the end.

Some other dates including a few games on our schedule (JVC schedule is not yet available):

  • Junior Spartans Camp Monday August 27th 11:00-1:00 (Varsity Training to follow)
  • Parent Night is Tuesday, August 28th  6:30 intro from the Athletic Director; 7pm breakout in a classroom (rooms are not yet published).  Feel free to get a jump start and order your swag now.  All players will be expected to provide their own socks, so order two pair: a set of white and and a set of green ones.
  • JV/Varsity Inter-squad game on August 30th at 7pm.  Varsity will arrive 5:00 for uniform checkout
  • Eisenhower Home Game on Saturday, September 1st likely JV at 3pm/ Varsity at 5pm.  Times still to be confirmed.
  • Puyallup Home Game on Labor Day, September 3rd JV at Noon; Varsity at 2pm
  • First Day of School is September 5th – and we have a Home Game vs. North Creek

I hope you already knew about Tuesday’s tryout times.  All players were told before they went home today.  Did she let you know?

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We are on a smoke schedule Monday

Tryouts will be indoors.  All athletes should bring all soccer equipment including guards and shoes, running shoes, and flats (to be used in the gym).

Here is the schedule for today, Monday, August 20th:

10:15 – First Session:

All Returning Varsity, Returning JV, and Jr./Sr. athletes who did not play for Skyline last year should arrive and check-in.  We will warm up and be in the weight room until noon.  We will be in the gymnasium until 1pm.

11:15 Second Session:

All Freshmen and Sophomores who did not play for Skyline last year should arrive and check-in.  We will be in the Gymnasium from 11:30 – 12 and then move to the Weight Room at noon.  The tryout will end about 1:30.

There will not be a third session today.

Please check the blog tomorrow am to see the schedule.  We will run 10-12 and 12-2 with a return invite 3-5 if the air meets the district’s parameters.   IF the air is not healthy, we will be on the same time schedule.  Activities may change, but athletes should bring all soccer equipment, running shoes, and flats.

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For any that missed the paperwork deadline…

You will be able to turn your registration paperwork in on Monday for TUESDAY eligibility.  Be sure to bring your receipt to the tryout so we can add you to the list.

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